Wednesday, August 26, 2009


......aren't they all great black or dominican, white, mexican, german, canadian, asia, all ice cream flavors, oh yeah i can dig, no discrimination allowed in my life.

oooh lala. i'm done =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



jellies, i remember being a toddler not wanting to be stylish at all but being madly in love with jellies, the baby girls have changed since '95 but i still want a pair just for good old times. me and my cousin britt were really rocking ours


acid wash is never played, i hope you agree, it's timeless and adorable like Japanese nails.

Photobucket awwwwww. homegirl outfit is seriously banging like you wouldn't believe

Sunday, August 16, 2009

happiness is my carrer goal.

i don't want to go to college, i don't feel like it, i don't need it, and just because obama and the people in my life want me to be involved with it doesn't mean i gotta have it, i want to be happy and beautiful with a slice of healthy in life with hair and nail skills (sew-ins yall). meeting the coolest people alive and buying cheap fly clothes, senior year is here and i thought i had my mind made up, the fashion student from baltimore running the streets in new york with all of my stylish homies, that quickly became a "oh no" not because everyone thinks it's a bad idea that i would regrett which i doubt, but because i really don't have a passion for fashion i read nylon and admire it with all my heart and all the thrift stores and vintage shops with their smooth wild prints and wicked shapes but all those things aren't a passion for fashion they are just in my love box. truth is i'm not drawn to high fashion too much i admire a few designers mainly the underground ones and i feel like a stylish girl but that has nothing to do with my education, so i'm not gonna let my self play myself. and do what i want and what fels good too me, right now i'm feeling the beauty school scene. pray for me peeps.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


...people tattoos on your face aren't sexy or boss, it's ridiculous and UGG with a pinch of fuckery and load of funky (sweet and sour ass) =) , it's worst than bad teeth so don't brush your teeth for a whole year instead.

i admire the head tattos the ones that are all up in your scalp not the ones that are square in the middle of the forehead.

.....and i want a inner lip tattoo. mommy should say yes because it fades after a month...tattos are forever a sin in her life.

i want some monies so i can buy cool shit at my favorite vintage store, (killahhhhh trash) really killer trash though, 50% off everything at the thrift store tommorow makes me happy =).

my nails are black now but i can't help but to fiend for a sick color crazy design my eyelashes and weave too and my nars pink blush. i'm a glam puss and i like it =)

i miss school


Thursday, August 13, 2009


mesh has existed in my life forever and ever, mesh makes me happy 1. because i brought a mesh tank today for $1 (thriftstore loving) 2. its skanky mc skank skank and it makes my boobies look lifted and i just feel like a sweeet thang




Saturday, August 8, 2009

R.I.P. John Hughes

thanks for all the grand movies i seen in my life time and loved with all of my heart and watched way too many times. your awesome baby.

Friday, August 7, 2009

shoving STIFFED up YOUR ass.

they deserve the hype, how come they were never fame nuts with platutium records from here to japan. the music world is a biotch.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

thighs that don't touch.


the most silliest things makes my tail wag i gets all fascinated and start googling shit, even worse i have long discussion about my weird fascinations, like thighs that don't touch, i even sometimes grab all the obese fat in my inner thigh and just walk to see how it feels to have thighs that don't touch (feels good), i even did some research with my eyes spying on the thighs around me, i noticed that even the boniest stick thin flat stomachs cellulite free girls thighs touch, not like mines touch, but they touch. ever since middle school i've been into observing girls bodies, not that i perform lesbian action, but it's been a wild journey that started in middle school my former demon days, 6th to 7th grade it was long necks that exposed every bone with minor adam apples, i didn't have that, then 8th it was arms that are bony and tone and backs with no rolls that have a mean ass arch, 9th to 10th it was the full slim body fascination, now my senior year (finally) "thighs that don't touch" is a big wowzers. people who aren't fat or a chubber thighs rubbing together can be very painful after long walks in the summer and large bruises can easily appear on your legs and itch like a mosquito attracted to vagina that bite all in the inner thigh. yes i know me having thighs that don't touch will always be a fantasy and my unrealistic little world, and i guess i'm cool with that. but i'm still fascinated.




kate moss being a perfect candidate is no surprise. with or without the coke habit.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

thieving is all fucked up.

stealing from me should be restricted and erased from anyone's state of mind immeadiately, those tendencies shouldn't ever exist in human brain cells not even animals, it's not fair and it's ridiculous, why me? i don't steal, i have stole in my demon years in sixth grade and under i use to be a stealing machine. shoes, cloths, food, albums, walmart, dollar stores it didn't matter to me i was a thief and if i suffer or be punished (karma is a biotch) because i been a thief before then i deserve it i accept it but i can't accept that my friend of 2 and a half years would steal a pair of glasses from me when she gives so much and thats all she had to do was ask and i would have possibly let her borrow them or took the lenses out of a pair of pink shades that i have and didn't want. and solved her urgent crave for glasses with pink frames.






my thieving ass friend with the glasses on... yes i'm angry

(this is the message i sent her on myspace, she didn't read it yet but i can predict the response cursing me and shit..but whatever i rather express my feelings about the issue instead of being grudgy holding them (grudges) for a damn lifetime letting it slide like its absolutely minor and i did really love those glasses me selfish and a bad friend i don't care call me dramatic and a shit starter which i'm not i still don't care ...i really fully wanted to get my point across)

.....tasha i absolutely don't know what criminal shit behavior you picked up since you been in that facility you where in..but its so hard to believe that you would steal from me (neon pink glasses) especially at the amount of stuff you given me and taught me how to do creatively. i know how you can perform bad friendship for an example in freshman year when you claimed to be (shannon) "bestfriend" but sat in class and talked about her meeting all those dudes on myspace to us when that clearly was none of our business. one thing i can brag about myself is that i don't steal from stores or people etc. and once again it so hard to believe that you would steal from me and people who steal from me can not be my friends or be around me not that i'm some chunk of perfection who never did no wrong but its just something i can't do being around a thief afraid that shit can get missing. that Monday when you left from my house i noticed the glasses were missing..yes those glasses were only $10 but its the principle and i know your gonna deny it and call me crazy but i'm not stupid. i look everywhere for those glasses that i loved and the first thing i thought was tash had those glasses on all day and then when she left she hid that bird necklace put it backwards even though i'm not sure that it was intentional and then my glasses comes up but tash couldn't possibly do that...she gives not steal so i'm looked everywhere rearanged and strictly cleaned my room and i know because i love all my shades and glasses and i know how they can easily get broken i put them in my glasses drawer or the container on my dresser but you posting myspace pictures is quite bold but anyways i'm can call me a "bitch" or "liar" i understand your fustration you didn't know i would peep it out and send you a long angry diassapointed message especially when i'm a nice person who always values friendship

*this is nothing i couldn't do through telephone i have a right to be hurt and confused about such a small situation including some very cheap glasses that i probaly would have lost of broke in a few months or even given away but its the principle thats matters. i'm done


i guess i can post the message response later. and no i'm not motivated by the dolla.

the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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