Tuesday, January 27, 2009

kelis is knocked up!

i'm happy i hope the baby is really talented like mummy and daddy...and if it has musical talents i hope it has mummy and daddy early years in music the illmatic & kaleidoscope days but im proud of the new mum & dad and word on the street is her baby bump is out and about yayyyyyy


Thursday, January 22, 2009

my weakness

songs like these...est. i was a little teapot

INCUBUS - nice to know you

THIRD EYE BLIND - losing a whole year

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

am i bitch?

i doubt it but i think that perception gets a little surrounded in my persona..i'm reallly not i just beileve in what i believe in...not because i want to go around defending shit all day but because i have to.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

blame the heart.

today was brownies and cupcakes...today i was ____ and i'm proud of it..yeah blanking the whole thing out means i'm a lttle ashamed but..yadda yadda my day started like this hopped up out the bed turned my swag off because i decided i wanted to expose some outrageous behavior..i myspaced ,ate breakfast, ate yougurt, drank slim fast, watched tyra, took a shower, wore black pants and a penn state sweatshirt all in a about 6hours then my mummy took me to this vintage store called killer trash in fells point, she was suppose to take me to some funky store on charles st. but it was about 150,000 people or more..seriously in that area because obama came to maryland today like some stone-cold g.

killer trash was niccccceeeee...i brought a cool jacket in which i will post on here later because its that cool and it was 35 dollars and my mummy said it was a good price...they had stripper and hooker shoes platforms shoes you can do some major streetwalking in. absolutely a pair of shoes i would like to own one day...they had hats, pretty dresses massive amouts of cool jackets and the employee waas super nice and helpful..she didn't even have some bitchy attitute and she told me my jacket was from vegas..the prices were kinda jacked up though





then me and mummy decides to go to the thrift store a few blocks up and she tells me:

mummy: tristan is punished for 52 days for shoplifting at wal-mart
...not suprised
me: dangggg..thats like a couple months...what he got caught
mummy: yea, they was like susan carter-ash please come to costomer service...i was like i hope tristan wasn't shoplifting when i went to customer service they told me to come in this room
me: he is so stupid, what he steal
mummy: 2 soujia boy cds
me: ( laughing, screaming chocking, hysterically) ohhhmyguhhhod..he knew he was gonna caught who steals electronics ( laughing, screaming chocking, hysterically again)
mummy:..ughh is it that funny....
me:( laughing, screaming chocking,losing oxygen, hysterically)YEA.
....2 minutes..
mummy: its not that funny..but seriously is it that funny
me: i brought him a soujia boy cd for christmas
mummy: he said it was scratched...and he knew i wouldn't buy him another one
me: what tha freak ( laughing, screaming chocking,losing oxygen hysterically)

i brought a pink scarf and a purple bag that is exactly the same as the black one i got from another thrift store that broke on my birthday...which was one of the many bad things that happen to me on my very own birthday

ate some orange chicken

went back home to boredom and internet

then called my sister ..we talked about nasty stuff, kissy kisses, old-played out ass holes, nut crackers, hot guys at the gym, and phone s_x..it was her idea..secretly reminded my self how much i love her ..and then told her about soujia loyal fans who take chances just to bump to his music..my brother is a true fan and he got a soujia miracle avoided a shoplifting crimal record...and he so hardcore he put both in each pocket..he doesn't have much smarts...me and my sister shared a ( laughing, screaming chocking,losing oxygen hysterically) and talked about how proud soujia boy would be..made up a song to tristan's stupididity

me: hopped up out the bed stole from walmart..put two cds in my back pocket like whats up..ahhh i'm not getting money nawwwwwwwww!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i'm starting to get the feeling that cool things happen to me..those things i don't expect, those things that gets me all puzzled and make me smile until my face hurts super, those things that are cool..actually happen to me....whaddddaaaafuzz

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i like this song

Private Affair - The Virgins

too bad i don't know how to post them like some normal person..but this is fine until the song makes me sick because i listen to it too much which would probaly be never


Monday, January 5, 2009



finally got the latest nylon and i realized how lily allen is my beauty icon she is sooo pretty. when i got my sexy ass nylon i said "its me and you baby"

being half-nude takes off the daily pressures of being slim..it feels free it feels rich and it feels pretty...so at sixteen candles i can say i'm happy with my body i just need to feel comfortable with my body so i can flaunt my junk [that was wack = ) ] but i know i;m blessed and i have mad love for myself even though my body is not where i want it to be i'm working hard on it 4-6 days a week at the gym and changing my eating habits (the real tough cookie)..yadda yadda..my new years night was half bangin half out of control i drunk more booze then anyone at the party i was talking shit to people i called my ex who dumped me without any notification and i just acted a fool not to mention i threw up all on my favorite jacket and favorite purse. ahhhh i looked great though and i wish i had pictures to show off..fuckkkk





the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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