Sunday, November 30, 2008



i miss my babe

Saturday, November 29, 2008

xoxo baltimore.

i never thought i would miss such a screwd & skaddadle city but even a city full of proverty beats north carlina, a state for someone with a spazz state of mind. what a bore. i never wanna go back and even when i'm performing over the world the north carlina natives if they have any interest in my music will have to come to maryland or virginia because that state made me sick i just couldn't handle it and i bet any state with cotton fields,markets called piggly wiggly,hour drives to nearest anything will make me vomit like i had rotten spagetti. i love home. i just watch juno and i want starbucks

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


listening to M83- Kim & Jessie and Radiohead- Creep and i can download neither of the poop faces from rhapsody because rhapsody is a niggerish ass hole...ahhh whatever and wait wait i can't download Foutains of Wayne songs at all how fuguly...yadda yaddddddda..i hate ipods too.. body slamming my ipod..well i would but it's brand new so i rather not..i'm going too north carlina this afternoon....gain 5 pounds becuse thats what happens when you travel...ughhh i wish i was in new york city. =***(


she has style in a naked juice bottle pure organic and effortless throws on anything thats clean, no insecurities,no arrogance,VINTAGE BITCHES


word on the street is winehouse is quitting on her blake she says it would never work out they were only together for sex... she didn't mention the high of substances they were only together for too...they were so cute despite their physical abuse and yuckness..they had a indie couple look too..i love you amy your the best. i hope black absence helps you get it together love!

Monday, November 17, 2008

the system

i awoke this beautiful monday morning with sadness in my system and the system has to change the system has to be filled with sugar and spice and everything nice =)
and when i awoke i had LOVE HURTS by Incubus on my brain heavy and i thought maybe thats a sign... "love hurts but sometimes it's a good hurt, love sings when it transcends the bad things..but without LOVE i WON'T survive" hmmmmm and now i'm youtubing some old Incubus "pardon" thanx mummy for making me listen to Incubus even when i would complain...oh yeah and my party invitations are fucked because my 5 or 6 year old dusty printer went completely dead but i did some banging little invitations..they are relly cute..i'm concerned about my party, my thrift store,whole foods,music store in fellspoint and antique store visits and i need guitar lesson really bad and i need to take my ass to dance class this thursday despite my lack of transportation and try to create a choir, free hugs & gay rights signs, busk (organize my street performances), sell candy, make rings, perform at ukazol books open mic shabang by February, decide rather or not i'm going to north carlina..zzzzz with my grandfather it seems so country i hate country i love city
i don't have time to stalk people anymore because its almost nitey nite dynamite
life will feel greater







i only drink starbucks occassionally...promise

Friday, November 14, 2008

stylistas and hel-looks favorites

dublin girls are awesome..and she has DR MARTENS owwwwwwww






winehouse forever



..and me i'm a bit stylish here and a little everywhere ;)





Thursday, November 13, 2008

somebody call a doctor?!

DR MARTEN(S)...i've been raped into beiliving i needsss these suckas in my life on my feet in my room skattered on the navy blue carpet i needssss these sucks the pink patent leather to wear with my sequence sweater woooo i'll think i'm so cool


i love you and i'll own you christmas day or sometime in the 09-nezzy ok i'm putting you on my christmas list now bye bye have hope for me and you and our forever together-ness and please don't be devastated when i cheat on you with the black leather they are so vegan!

..and i cursed a lot today bad bad habit =(


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

your body is a wanderland.

oohhh lalaaa i ♥ john mayer.. i want a boyfriend with a BORAT swim-suit we'll cruise the streets of america togheter

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


"Birds who flock together Barack together"
After i cryed called my mummy cried like my dog died with a ugly face and then laughed like a hienna (same thing that can make you cry can make you laugh like a hyenna) real loud too my mummy didn't vote today because they effed up the name on her voters card but Maryland had that shizz locked down i get on myspace to check status moods and other stuff due to the OBAMA victory [WHOOP WHOOP AHHHH]and some little white girl with gothic hair status says "i hope b. obama gets shot" half and half screwed up my whole night, first i'm like
hey bitch wtfiwwyb? in my mind, then i decide to send a message to let this slutty squirel face tramp know thats no cool (threats in the fucking first five minutes of VICTORY & HISTORY) shove IT!

wtf is wrong withyou and no at first i wanted him to win but hes for LIVE ABORTIAN WTF?! eh.. man and i was joking and i dont fucking care
----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: yaya
Date: Nov 4, 2008 9:22 PM

why the fuck would you hope he gets shots
are you serious how ignorant and crazy are you
dumb ass fuck

excuses excuses thats not a probable cause for you to want somebody to get shot thats fucking insane...but my response was irrelevant because she blocks me right away HOE.HOE.HOE.HOE.HOE.HOE.HOE. you gothic hair HOE.


Never been so proud to be an American

Last night i couldn't sleep

Called my Bff Jilly and screamed in her ears

snapped this picture in the beginning most likely February when him and Hilary were going head to head look how far we come

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


i woke up today with the election on my mind like it was my wedding day or something
i have madd love for Barack and i pray he wins if he doesn't we'll just have to move on in life.
today i was in my aunt's car and the recreation center line was two blocks whoa!


i pulled a PEREZ HILTON with the foam from the mouth, everyone has their own opinion but i believe in BARAK biotch

Monday, November 3, 2008



my humor
my hugs
my kisses
my crazy dances
my girlie


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hallween, NYC & erythang

yo yo yiggity yo
so yesterday was halloween..and my halloween was spoiled because stupid fucking idots of baltimore city and their drug related, bitch-assness related, gang related people had this little gang initiation (yeah didn't spell it right) so they had to kill 31 women to get in the gang on some other wack ass foreign bullshit and they were only targeting women. so my halloween was rotten yadda yadda i sat home ate food watched tyra got prepared for my trip to the nyc the citayyyy, i wasn't much excited because matisyahu & flobots were in Baltimore tonight @ rams head and i really wanted to go but i had alread paid my money to go to manhattan, yadda i've been to new york before but i never been to the citaaaaay time SQUARE and crap. Since my halloween which i was so excited for was spoiled and moldy [i was going to be a slutty bunny rabbit too] i decided to put on my pink wig because i love pink hair and people always yapp about new york being so acceptive of styles global, hobos, blah. I went with a church as soon as i got on the coach bus hooker and hoes were amazed really they were i never got a compliment because maybe they thought it was a sin [ pink hair rawwwwrrrrr] but they stared and laughed yadda. i wanna catch a train shit it was a long four and the half hour ride and we didn't even go to the city right away we went to some shitty little flea market where all the men were sweet talkers and told us how beautiful and sexy we were [Cassie & i]
some guys name sanchez: OMG! you girls are so beautiful, wow your from baltimore your so nice. girls in new york can't top you baby ooh buy a ring its only a dollar, mmm i going to baltimore to get a sexy women like yall, i have no girlfriend i'm loney can i move to baltimore with you?????

WTF? Part 1

Then when me and Cassie goes to the atm this hispanic guy selling baby clothes says "Halloween was yesterday" i imeadately say "lets fight" i was joking but i really wanted to kick his ass because he was too out spoken and kinda rude even though it was funny...i would expect that in baltimore but in a more under the breath kind of way not all out and about and loud and proud biotch you dead wrong
he goes on and on about how he is joking and then his friend tries to holla crispy chocolate kinda of fella not good looking, i say i got a boyfrind knowing darn well i haven't had a boyfriend in over a year i didn't want to hurt the poor guy feelings plus his wackness was yuck.

WTF? Part 2,3,4, etc

never heard that word so many times in my life
i got "Happy Haloween" "Ohhhh Hallowen" "Wow Halloween" and the favorite "Halloween was yesterday" we use to say that when we were kids to crack a joke but these grown ass men and women young adults were on the grind to let me know how yesterday was halloween.

i had madd fun

my sister left me and didn't explore with me she was being happy with her lover and when she is happy i'm happy. i got a angry shout from a old crusty guy saying "Halloween was yesterday" didn't even know where that came from he was lost in the new york city crowd, rappers were on their grind, Cassie got a lot of compliments where i just got Halloween comments, some guy at burger king talked up a stormed about Barack Obama his mothers white stomach and Africans and he ask me was my pink hair real i replied yes and what kind of afro american was i, i told him i was asian. He starts talking about chinatown. and asked for my autograph. Gave this homeless guy a dollar probaly buys a drink..madd guys were selling comedy show tickets and i spoke to two sexy white guys. The isreal lites or muslims i'm not sure was out and about preaching in time square and some sexy jalopeno was objecting their comments and they also had signs thet said "AMERICA WILL BE DSETROYED" heeeheeee! =) my back was hurting like shit and i'm a new yorker your digging


they were niceeeeeee!


cass & i

i <3 New YORK peaceeeeeee


the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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