Saturday, October 31, 2009


i love my fish eye, but i just don't like paying $13 when i only like three of the pictures on the film although it is exciting the mystery holds me tight and squeeze my lungs, but unless i can print them for a computer where i can view the pictures first r.i.p. to my fish eye skills


disco mirror.



mad detail. not much of a HIGH fashion hooper and popcorn popper, but Thakoon disco mirror stuff is quite fly, basically i do lots of net-a-porting like i can just swipe my little credit card and buy what i want like i even got any credit or any money, but its fun too just do some celebrity and rich peoples browsing and clicking. =)

ps.i went to the Thakoon seminar last weekend for teen vogue fashion u, he was so down to earth and cute with his good skin and clean gear, i told one of the girls i was gonna marry him and we were gonna have designer babies


...enjoy your 24 hours being witches cats(MEOW) sex bunnies vaginas wilma flitstone marge simpsons hannah montannas, enjoy your night and do something crazy like offer a hot guy a hug and if he says "NO YOUR A CREEP" go and offer the other hot guy a hug because maybe the first hot guy wasn't so hot anyway your vision was just a bit blurred. <3.......and ladies being a hoochie mama tonight shouldn't be shameful so don't let yourself play yourself and have fun in your skanky gear and fishnets.

i got teen vogue fashion u pictures, and when i figure out how to post multiple pictures on my photobucket then i will post 50 of those suckers and all the amazing details about the city and the beautiful people.



i have a feeling i need these in my life taking up mad spac in my room e, that suddenly became attrative, i think its the leather i hate though patent love is love love lillies and pie.


these are the bomb reminds me of sugar free bumblegum.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


..i'm through with those wicked things, they were only created to mold and shape relationships and to entertain the public because you know druggies argue about their crack all the time. Yesterday me and my friend got into a friendly full blast argument about some dumb smurf shit i can't even remember why..shame same shame, i really came to the conclusion that i super hate arguing and its not for a polite girl like me its foolish because it gets me all blown the fuck up and angry and its just in a category of fuckery that i don't want to fuck with. Ok me and my sister funny arguments i shall participate they are too fun, talking about each others recycled glue down weaves and just our awesome criticism is the bomb.

the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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