Friday, July 31, 2009


unicorns love me too. and i love unicorns. i love esty and esty love me too
i love unicorn dresses by Devaniwear more with all my heart and eyeballs too


i want this to be my senior prom dress with royal blue somewhere and doc martens... Beasting. this dress is just boss like no other with pink hairs hanging from the unicorns scalp and everyone knows how i love me some pink hair. BOSS BOSS BOSS super BOSS.


i miss my homies.

really badly even the ones i just seen a few or so days ago. bummer bummer bummer.
we stays chilling 'cause we cool like that' even cooler than digable planets.


i want this on vhs because its forever my favorite and the most BOSS movie but i would have fun watching this on late nights with my air conditioner on blast with my night gear on just undies and bra comfortable as ever. CHILLLING

Thursday, July 30, 2009

hey kesh.


the aquarium is boss. no doubt no doubt

..but why do i always end up going with a summer camp. i'm not able to enjoy myself because i'm responsible for some nigga child with attitude begging you to buy them shit. the aquarium is just has a high price tag too it should be a discount if your from baltimore i'm no tourist and when i'm at work its free. this time it was a bit boss (cool) but too crowded & hot. peep this i wanna be a dolphin in the sea on the coast of africa when i grow up or a mermaid in bikini bottom chillin in sponge bob pineapple avoiding jellyfish.

what pissed me the fuck off: the kids were fighting and being "boosting ass b**tches" (stealing) i learned that from a fellow blogger. "luxalot". so embarrasing and shameful.

and guess what i touched a coach roach a huge one..i was so amused and brave..just the site of those thing usually creep me out and make me itch but these were the huge one yous see crawling out someones food in a movie..they were safe but searching for cochroach pictures are making me itch non stop no doubt.



i wanna capture this with my fish eye. =) (wink wink ;])

Monday, July 27, 2009

one upon a time.....

i was a crafty little bumblebee stinging creativity and feasting on craft honey "once upon a time"..those were the days now i'm just a mosquito biting and hating on shit because i'm lazy as heck.


my (water) balloon hand made headband. every body loved this.


handmade tools and beads got all jacked up because of unnecessary traveling and being in somebodies (mothers) trunk and she is irresponsible..but hopefully i'll get better at being a craft monster like old times

Saturday, July 25, 2009

hey zoe.


i <3 the kravitz clan her and daddy. i'm not a simple girl when it comes down to my outerwear but i really like this outfit. you go zoe zoe.

barnes & nobles for hours

..with my ayshy aysh pooh pooh. even though i missed my jenee i had so much fun. unessacary laughs was the greatest part. i had no idea American's Next Top Model had a book called "how to be fierce". i have cable & internet wasting my money on an very unnessacary book wasn't happening. but it was quite interesting. i have no idea why i'm so anxious to talk to giants boy out of all boys..this is weird i was even nervous to call. maybe he is just that awesome

aysha's beautiful erykah badu fro.

i hate this picture..but yes my semi-rainbow heartshaped shades are nice ( thank you aysh)

Friday, July 24, 2009

word to muthaaaaa.


i can't blog often anymore, don't get me wrong i love blogging with all my heart, its made my summer ridiculously cool (dramatic) but i've become too busy all of a sudden and i realized my life can not absolutely revolve around blogging about random shit all day everyday even when i enjoy it to the fullest, yesterday i didn't blog because my grand dad was putting carpet down in the basement (sleep over time) and the internet the computer and everything else was disconnected..i was freaking out thats the first time i haven't blogged in a whole day in a long time...exactly why i need to just calm down because when school time comes i'm getting jiggy with my books not my blog because i absolutely have to be balling with scholarship monies.

today i convinced myself to go to the gym and work off some junk food i ate today (hotdogs and chips at work), first i went to the barnes & nobles in charles village to buy some new earphones for my ipod because my previous ones is just triflin failure trash. i got off the bus a few stops early just how i like it when i'm going to charles village the walk is madd nice, then i decides to go to giant to buy some healthy foods and dissed the gym because i wanted to go home to enjoy my ipod which i miss so much, so i see this cute guy working in the seafood department staring at me in a very "i'm just staring in your direction" kinda way at first,then he stares more and i catch him [red handed] and when i look at him he turns away so immediately i'm like oh no that was a "i think your cute" stare, the guy is working with funky seafood, so i as i'm going towards the other ailes pass the fruit and seafood spot, then i'm like oh no i can't just walk away like i didn't get the "i think your cute" stare from a cute nice brown complexion guy with shapely gorgeous almond eyes for nothing. so me and my cart turns around with no butterflies or bumblebees in my stomach.

me:ummm excuse me can you come here for a minute
giants boy: sure
me: do you have a girlfriend
giant's boy: no
me: (yessssss) so your single
giant's boy: yes
me: well can i have you number
giant's boy: yes
super small talk. i know. then he gives it to me and i'm like yes i have soo much balls.
then me and my cart walks away

the end

then i met this girl who hair was banging and she told me she does it herself...(whoa nice)but wait it's sewed in and wait theres more only $50. isn't life sweeeeet & grand. now fuck all the $80,$100, and $200 and expensive hair

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

hooch nails.

done by me. =)



chris breezy

i know c. brezzy beats bitches down and he probably doesn't have anymore hope with those good 'ole platinum albums and big monies he always have, but i always thought he was such an ugly duckling that young girls were crazed about just because he was a good dancer so they never looked at his ugly face but damn chris breezy looks damnnnn good now..go breezy


tyra tyra tyra.







semi-dramatic changes. Whoa.


diane birch with jenee september 22nd. at the recher theatre (my favorite concert spot) i went to my first real concert there and i went to see kate nash and if you knew me around march 2008 you know i loved me some kate nash.) but i'm excited even though her music is not really a biggie to me (sorry jenee =]) its just tooooo sad and lonleyish but her voice is BEAST! i'm a santigold wild dancing wicked beats kinda girl but i'm still excited i love concerts and hanging out with my friends at concerts and screaming loud disturbing the peoples. lol i can't wait and peep how beautiful she is oh yeah she is from south africa and she only could watch tv a half an hour a week as a child...that hurts =)..peace

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


i'm sippin' on bitter orange juice going to walk to work in the next 15 minutes. i can tell by the chill weather today is gonna be nice

peace, ya

Monday, July 20, 2009



my response: thats how you feel homie. =)

thanks ( this made me laugh. xoxo

DM. is love son

anyone who reads my blog are probaly fed up with the frequent doc marten obssesive post. i can't quite help it people they just blow me away like a sandcastle disco.=) i just got two new pair in the mail saturday the green and pink patent leather. the fly ladies below are rocking my new boots. if your doc marten obssesive like me you should know that doc martens cost $120 eveywhere but on they are only $60 they only have pink, green, and orange patent leather and the taller doc martens which i'm not a big fan of but yes thats a good deal even if you don't like the colors swipe 'em be color crazy later. yes i was suprised too that footlocker sold doc martens.. i think thats why they are so cheap because people who wear atheletic shoes don't usually wear doc matens do they?

1) go to
2) enter doc martens in the search engine
3) if you want them get them right away thats a banging ass price. really
4) enjoy your lovely feet. and no you don't have to wait until fall docs in the summer is as sweeeeet as watermelon.


peace, ya

where is my mind.

chilling in a very oversized shirt black leggings and flip flops. gosh this is chill.

one of my favorite 80's song, i use to know how to howl like that until i got a cold and the cold went away but the sick howling voice never came back. =(

soooo one day my sister and i were waiting for the subway and i was like you gotta hear this song its a 80's song but it sounds so modern (where is my mind)i really wanna sample this but with a more hardcoreish beat and a slow motion like sound...and my sister was like this sounds so familiar... this is M.I.A.'s song and i was like ohhh no absolutely not this is a 80's song. so M.I.A sampled this song and i swear we think alike because i made a song called 5 dollars different sound from 20 dollars but it is fly to have similar ideas to M.I.A

"where is my mind" sample "20 dollas" by M.I.A.

ooohhh lala

i'm in love but my thights are too thick for some spandex cooch cutters

resonable doubt.

i'm having boring thoughts right now i feels like i woke up like 5 minutes ago when i woke up almost 3 hours ago. why am i stepping into the "real world" so soon i have no foundations i hate my body and my social skills are lame. and on top of that i'm poor to the bone and so is my mother and i want to move to new york in a year the city of exspense get into the fashion industry the dream on gig be skinny be happy be hustling and be comfortable. why all of a sudden i'm giving up and beiliving all the "you will regret its". i'm all like don't doubt me because your doubts aren't reasonable but 'em i doubting myself


random piture my homie tash had this on her myspace from april (spring break) we had sush sush and disgusting starbucks and went to fun times...what happen to my bow????

Sunday, July 19, 2009


listening to comcast alternative music station "hey there deliah" is on thinking about how every american has a special place in their hearts and soul for that song. =) three years old and still beautiful

i'm a doc marten junkie but these just don't move my soul..probably because i like odd shoes without so much damn detail.. plaid tights..maybe plaid shoe DOC MARTENS oh no.

Saturday, July 18, 2009



wtf??? barbie is wicked cool brilliant ideas first it was a black barbie with long straight hair and pink lips in the 1980's now its this...awww mattel your the shit. and why doesn't the baby come out her vagina i guess she is having a c-section.

Friday, July 17, 2009

last weekend.

my great grandmother and my great auntie she was suprised precious moment

docs are love..the end


hannah montana.. i have to trash that name now she said she doesn't have her blonde wig anymore..awwwwww

girl talk

my auntie and her fianceee i'm gonna be a bridesmaid yallll

my tramp ass sister..ahhh she really not a tramp i just like to pretend she exist in those catogories







tryed to take a banging ass boss ass badddddd ass picture failing 10x


no air conditioner. yes it's in the corner of my room but i'm experimenting with the hot hot heat and saving my grandparents mad dollas and preventing maddd earth pollution. tossing and turning sticky and hot. body temperature feels like a desert i take off my bra for relief and remove the thin sheets.. and thennnnn this song suddenly pops in my head and then i'm chill "fat lip" sum 41 now its been on my brains all day at work and everything yesterday it was "conceited" by remy ma... and i hate that song i really need to spice up my life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

do you believe in magic

my eyes can speak and my ears can smell. <3

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

malcolm in the middle

12 am. i never stay up to watch the full episode i rember when i could watch tv all night long. good times.

pickle juice =).

i just read an article on how its deadly and raises the blood pressure massively and i don't need that. NO NO. but its just so good. i usually get attached in the summer and it quench thirst really really dry throats.

i love you pickle juice you taste so good but you stink. =)

Monday, July 13, 2009


i think i lost my grandfathers credit card being all amped and stuff about those $60 doc martens on footlockers site. i missplaced it somewhere. DARN

Berlin- Metro

this song makes me wanna dance i like the beat, and yes this post was unnecessary just like a lot of my blogs that i post but i don't care and i hate how bloggers rant about people posting pictures its not evennnnnn your blog lil bustas... arhhh my life is a bore monster and i'm currently working on my portfolio for college and working at a summer camp where 5 year olds little girls and boys say "fuck you dumb ass bitch" its really sad and unfortunate sometimes i really want to say "ii feel sorry for your mother" but that probably won't effect them at all because there children. and i know how children are convincing there parents there angels and shit. i want a sketch book too that cost a whole $35..smh next check. i can't wait until summer over and i start a fresh new year as a SENIOR whoop whoop. xo

Sunday, July 12, 2009

cheetah print nails

Cheetah nails. Pictures, Images and Photos
i'm so over these suckers i have no cheetah print designing skills, it always looks sloppy. i'm so over you cheetah nails. DANGG!








is it me or is this collection absolutely ugly and boring [yawns]
that doesn't look like aygness at all..i think its the hair and the beautiful black lipstick. the tight aren't so bad. where have the black and beautiful Kinee Diouf been all my life. asian girl looking good with the bautiful black lipstick. i'm not impressed. arhhhhh. =(

Saturday, July 11, 2009


no caribbean fest today i had festive gear on though. S.B.D.(suckers bitchy demands) i went (had to go)to my great-grandmother cookout party i love her long time but i didn't have the best time of my life especially when all i was thinking about was the festival shaking my bootay grooving to the live house music..whewwww GOOD TIMES. i went like two years ago it was so amped and hype. i couldn't really dance because some girl and gay guy was dancing like porch monkeys and yes it was fucking amazing and yes i had the watch because they were beasting. i went pass the park where it was held we were in a traffic jam and boy was it sad to see all the happy faces all the locks and hearing the beautiful music hurt the most. arrrrhhhhh fml

Teen Vogue: Finding Clothes for Your Body Type

the categories are athletic,tall and thin,CURVY, and petitite.


CURVY! mmmmmmm...teen vogue get real..yes she has boobies more than a fat girl like me but she is not curvy.

peek a boo


yesterday coming from the thrift store on the bus i saw a painful really hurt me..this black muslim woman had the full gear on head to toe all i seen was eyes..sad eyes and dark skin...mama had shape too. thats the first time i seen that in american and on a black woman

the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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