Tuesday, June 30, 2009

=) boys boys boy oooohh boys



marry me you stylish fellow


i have standards and requirments when i'm in a dating mood. first style not hood style because thats just smelly and those tacky ass labels everywhere causing me to get dizzy are smelly too. just plain label whoring around is smelly. i'm a big fan of skinny jens graphic t-shirts and v-necks and i like a guy who knows how to shop. if a shirt is cool and it cost $2 don't be ashamed of buying it i bet its way cooler than that $40 shirt at urban outfitters..don't get me wrong UO looks good on guys too but i pefer the clearence rack and if the item is too slick for life then maybe the clearence rack is not an option but don't be a fool. and doc martens oh yeassss..give it to me baby


yaya's pennysaver


$300 strollers just got played. prego people take that off the list immeadiately. =)

dirty diana.

micheal jackson dies and suddenly my ears are blessed with this greatness "dirty diana" how come yesterday is my first time hearing this song. its a shame that someone has to die to be greatly appreciated. i didn't even know mj had his fingerprints in rock music. AMAZING!

Monday, June 29, 2009

ooh wee mama.

pro: beyonce beyonce beyonce had it going on with the banging ass dress and the smoking legs and the shoes (speechless..applaud) but i'm mainly focus on the dress the length detail colors sequence vintage banging sweeettt ooh wee mama b too hot. last night at the bet awards which i didn't watch and usually don't because i'm not too hype about BET or any award shows but everyone turns their swag on when events like these occurs so the next day i'm really excited to the browse the internet. and beyonce gave it to me. sasha sash fierce





cons: shoulder pads were a NO NO NO! a year ago and now since the fashion cycle is rotating and they (shoulder pads) are reoccurring a little. its ok to wear them now. fuck that cycle i been rocking my shoulder pads est. forever and ever. and the hair is a hot one (MESS). that looks like my synthetic hair after about 4 weeks i'm sure she had the option to glam it up a little. but better long than none.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my goals got me in a choke hole. =)


1)study and practice practice practice frequent happiness
2)continue to meet happy and bubbly wild people i've been lucky lately
3)get my bachelor degree in fashion & design...whoop whoop whoopie.
4)perform perform perform any where all across the globe even if my shit don't sell i just wanna dance and sell
5) own a vintage store that plays good music with a dance floor and disco lights sells candy, vegan cupcakes, vegan brownie and naked juice...mmmmmm cheap vintage pieces too. with a few of my very affordable designs. face paintings and pro nails nylon and missbehave magizines too.
6) perform perform perform.
7) have babies and a artsy hubby with a house in the city
8) die happy and go to heavan. peaceeeeee


Saturday, June 27, 2009


mood: semi copacetic and broken because my ipod is acting like a shit head.
welp i'm finally ready to post pictures of my final hair experiment. enjoy.











the end. i hope you enjoyed the slideshow of my maniac hair..thanks for peeping it out..peaceeee

gitch gitch goo goo i love you.

lmao. i have a new job at a summer camp kids ages 5-8. those kids are horror wild monkeys in a bananas tree. they sing this song i call it the gitchi gitchi and i haven't watched cartoons since hey arnold, rugrats, and ed ed and eddy era. it sounds better when they sing it [the summer camp kids]. they fill it with soul and and adorableness.=)

i miss my selected few (dexter labatory) ...awwwww childhood was those banging moments banging

Friday, June 26, 2009

get inspired with the museful delights


my twin/homie/sister/art freak/fashion head favorite girl. =) madd madd love ♥
get smoothered in pure coolness...i'll even give you blog people permission to swim in the dope dope afro [greatness not quite displayed in the pictures.] she and i are nylon fiends and were both into fashion institutes and were gonna be roomates in new yawk citaaaaayyyyy real real soon. love you jenee neeeee

www.museful-delites.blogspot.com check her out you won't be dissapointed or bored. =)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

micheal jackson died.

at first this was a mystery. now my stomach hurts and i'm really sad for all the micheal jackson fans and lovers and the people who were influenced by his greatness. this is so random. i was on myspace and everyone is like r.i.p. MJ and i'm like no doubt this is a solid joke. and then one of my friends posted on their status "mj is not dead he is in the coma" and i'm like i knew micheal jackson could never die. he has money therfore he has health. then i tune into mtv and mtv news is telling me he died..shessssh pure sadness shall be continued

buy me a paul frank bike pleaseeee <3

well since i hate the heat i won't be riding my bike this summer and i think those days are just over and deceased. my grandfather sushi brain self sold my bike to my uncle...darn thats what my aunt would call a (dope fiend move) its my dumbness for not realizing until this summer so i'm searching for some transportation (bike hahhaa).


i always wanted to ride my bike to far places or in the busy public areas. at urbanoutfitters a lot of the employees ride their bikes to work and i think thats spectacular. i'm just too scared of everything and riding a bike in the street with loads of cars behind me beeping their scary ass horns like the people in charles village do and i don't like steep hills (danmit) and i'm scared someone might steal my bike (smmfh hoodlums) but when your going down the street it feels like your flying the breeze is the rebirth of fantastic. xoxo

helinski, finland!

hel-looks.com makes me wanna move their and join all the style freaks and the beautiful scene and have babies and get a art hubby. i probaly won't. and i doubt if any black people live their which is nothing i gonna rant about. and its cold all year around. i love that part most.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

global style.

spread the latin love love love like that.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In 2003 the company (URBAN OUTFITTERS INC.) released a Monopoly parody called Ghettopoly. The game was criticised as offensively racist by a local chapter of the NAACP[5] and black clergy[6] among others.

A ghetto is formed in three ways:

1)As ports of entry for racial minorities, and immigrant racial minorities.
2)When the majority uses compulsion (typically violence, hostility, or legal barriers) to force minorities into particular areas.
3)When economic conditions make it difficult for minority members to live in non-minority areas.

darn the NAACP is just so fucking sensitive and bored. when i hear "ghetto" i immeadiately think of loud talking low self-steem cruel or crazy rare & outrageous situations or people i never associate "ghetto" with race.

Monday, June 22, 2009

dear nylon nike fiends.

whats the hype??? whats so special about these things they are just nike's with nylon mag.symbols and (word on the street) they are sold out at urbanoutfitters and only two colors were available. i'm a nylon magizine fiend...collector too but these joints just don't move my bones enough to go get them and get wild and crazed. the greatest part about these is if you have them it will be rare to find somebody with your shoes welp in baltimore. and maybe its me and my anti-sneaker wearing self. or maybe i'm just hating. mysteries


madd madd love to NYLON. peaaaaaaaaaccccccceeeeeee.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


i'm gonna be a prepaid chicken head forever now.

kelis questing.

darn this was hardwork and it required a lot of patience and about 3 hours of my time..it was pure funky though i even found a interview from '98 when "caught out there" didn't even exist and she had that song with ol dirty bastard "hey dirty baby i got your money don't you worry".lmao that song. my hair experiment is over and i couldn't be more happier with the results no more blecah until i'm fully natural. my hair love is bomb bomb diggity if i must say so myself..the reactions were no suprise. my hair got a lot of hate action but i'm still amused and happy with my hair.i got a lots of the loveboob too. no didggity no doubt.







i didn't even know this was kelis real hair i was looking for some (kelis weave) of 1999 its hard looking for something that doesn't exist. these were the days. i miss this kelis.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

soy polish.

priti nails

banging ass color.(BLUESTAR)

i like this too. <3 (BRISTOLPINK)




what does it benefits??? is this equvialent to soy milk or soy chese.
no chemicals
soy-polish ($$12.50) darn!
soy-polish remover ($$$22.50)super darn! nail polish remover only cost 2 bucks. i never really understood why organic always meant mo money.
is this soy-polish anti chip?

Friday, June 19, 2009




NEWYORK POST: Just like rappers sample other singers tracks, Kelis has taken it upon herself to sample Rihanna’s new peacock do. And in true remix style, she’s thrown way too much at the original, totally destroying what made it popular in the first place.

Necole Bitchie.com:
Since when did Rihanna become the originator of anything? Someone needs to give Kelis credit for inspiring some of Rihanna’s new looks. Kelis been up on “hair game” before Rihanna even thought about making music.

i agree with necole bitchie.com a whole lots give my girl her praise. and kelis is def the originator..kelis been rocking the boss ass cuts when rihanna had the super long sandy brown weave..i still love rihanna sexy ass though. <3

i remember in 2006 when everyone myspace page was drowned and suffocated with kelis new boss ass haircut and stylish habits when everyone one thought they were "bossy" it pissed me off because they didn't no shit about kelis but she had style and all they knew musically was "milkshake" and "i'm bossy" and maybe they knew of "caught out there" kaleidscope era. i hate how artist can be idolized because of their style not their talents like lady gaga i mean she has the most bomb and badd ass outfits and cool hair and a banging ass body too but it reality she is your average popstar "just dance" is just another pop hit about dancing and i'm sick of all the unnessasary hype.

birthday sex. ughhhhh

RANT: my sister and i hate this song badly its like squezzing lemons in our eyes with our mascara draining and glitter eyeliner drowining our pupils. the lyrics are used and abused in black community it effects more black ears than hiv and aids. he is a swine ass nigga with the sex flu. so were ranting and raving.


its my birthday how you know i wanna ride out to your house or for you to put your sauage in my bagel or my glory hole.

how you know i didn't wanna go to a 5 star hotel.

how dare you tell me what i gonna do for my birthday.

i don't wanna lay in your dirty nasty ass public hairy sheets.

i might drown in your water bed.

i hope if i'm riding out to your house i'll have a suprise party waiting for me.

birthday sex is just lame so fuck your self and your unglorious hole. =]


whewwwwww...you have to hear this. i found her in nylon "THE SOUND OF NOW" page 170.[karen o on cover] she was born in rhode island and moved to sweden when she was 10 shorty gots skills. she says "i don't care if my shit never sells" don't you wish every artist had that state of mind instead of selling their souls and other nasty bull shit. and i'm an artist too so this inspired the hell out of me
thanks nylon <3

listen listen listen you will be impressed



i brought this shitty skirt $$$44.00
tryed it on in the dressing room loved it...paired it with a new shirt hated it took it back and exchanged it for this bull shit.

batwing hoodie. ($$$39.00)

but in this print

i fucking hate it and i'm not happy.. i have another bat wing hoodie and i like that one but that shit is lame and my receipt got wet and i'm not sure how many times i can exchange.

the one i own and i'm crushing on

i want these badly (levis about $$58.00) darn i need to do some major thrifting

i hate wasting money especially when your too danm broke

money wasted: $$$7 on chipotle: i just wasn't digging it this time
money wasted: $$$5 starbucks: taste was watery and i suppose to be permantly through with starbusks...sheesh



i'm not sure when i finished my hair the first go round all i keep thinking was kelis kelis kelis..so similar


wishlist/banging ass obsession

engine engine # 9 on the new york [yawk] transit line if my train goes off the track pick it up pick it up pick it up. -Black Sheep [the choice is yours]

...now "Brookly We Go Hard" Jay-Z version..i'm so late but this song means a whole lot to my life [yep its santi]

my stomach hurts really bad right now and my contacts are being solid assholes..shessh..my hair is sucess whew i'm proud of myself...its scary how much attention its gonna absorb i didn't mean to do it. my creative mind just made up my mind for me and now i gotta prepare for the massive stares..whoosh nothing new and i want great legs so just finish doing some squats


i'm getting these really soon =]

these below not so soon =[



swaped this picture from the nylon site the 10th anniversity birthday pictures

my life motto: DOCS ARE LOVE!

the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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