Sunday, May 31, 2009


Psycho - Puddle Of Mudd

any guy i've been with or talked to heavy i absolutly beilive they would dedicate this song to me, its like first i'm this sweet happy girl then i start screaming at you like a physco bitch. and if you you can't handle it i'm just like fuck off but in the end i'm not happy that i pushed someone away and i don't think any guy likes a physco girl, at first it's funny and they like she is crazy, then its like yo...i can't handle this shit. welp if you can't handle the heat stay the fuck out of the kitchen..that was wack. but the only way to describe. =)



today at rams head live in baltimore city baby. i'm too excited. yippie!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


so yesterday i'm on the bus stop waiting for the bus to go to the verizon store to get a new charger sooo my phone can be fueled again and the deadness won't make me sad and these drunk druggie mental patient shower needing couple starts wrestling each other because the woman wanted to get up and the guy is just pulling her body causing her the brush up against me with the smell of hot hot heat, alcohol, and sweat. it was hideous and then i get up and move to another set of benches with these other group of people and some chocolate dude is like um are those people graduating and usually i'm the friendly person with a happy face but this time i'm thinking like damn how shall i know we aren't relatives. dang back off. i said um i think so.. polite but not so happy. and thinking well they do have on cap and gowns obviously they graduating. then he's like "how old you is" fucking uneducated as fuck. i'm like 16 hoping he would back the fuck off. i pretend like i had a lot on my mind and was extremely angry and i had a i just woke up face on then he goes

creepy dude= you gotta boyfriend
me= yup..(lying)
creepy dude= well can i have your number
me= (friendly as possible) oh no i have a boyfriend..sorry
creepy dude= you can have friends can't you
me= nah me and my boyfriend don't do that thats close to cheating
creepy dude= you anit with him 24 7 he don't have to know you can call me after ten
me= nah were around each other a lot and he will find out and hurt me (try to make it clear that thats a no)
creepy dude= you real thick and you got a sexy face pretty eyes so i'm like you know i want her
me= awww thanks but i have a boyfriend
creepy dude= i bet he can't do you how i can do you
me= ok would you like for some dude to be trying to hit on your girlfriend
creepy dude= no i wouldn't care i'll just me like let me join in i'm open minded like that
me= (feeling uncomfortable and thinking WHAT TYPE OF FREAKY HOMO SHIT IS HE ON)oh
creepy dude= and i can eat your pussy out every night before you go to sleep
me= ugh..
CD= you wanna go over the the harbor and get something to eat with me
me= nah i have to catch my bus
(please let my bus come)
.....5 minutes after him trying to whisper perverted shit in my ear my bus comes
me= ugh well heres my bus
CD= oh aight can i have a hug
me= nah i don't know my boyfriend could be anywhere
CD= he anint no where around
me= oh well have a nice day
CD= (laughs) ok

i try to be a nice person but creepy dudes try to take advantage. WTF

listening to chester french- she loves everybody

Monday, May 18, 2009

annoyinnng out loud

people can be so distgusting and anti do your own thang. for an example those shoes 992 new balance...whatever their not symbolic or cultual why the freak does every black person i know want to own a pair and wear them religiously and know that everbody in their hood my hood those hoods own a pair. this upsets me it makes me wanna gag shoe strings. i was born to hate and talk shit about constantly repeated shit. ughhhhh

R.I.P. pleaseeeeee

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tweet tweet tweet.

twitter is treating me good feeding me and polishing me.

so i decieded NOT to go to prom. senior prom is much more convient and i'm starting early december 2009 perhaps. i wanted to wear a royal blue dress. my new delicious blue docs. some red glasses. and other cool shit oh yeah pro nails too

my ladies (bestfriends)

niccccceeeee afro. he had it going on and his mom was really nice

ooohhhhh some yabba pot loving


the lime green v-neck that i wear wayyy too much. i have it on now

my baby jordi [tragus]. she is really special to me cause me lots of pain like yesterday when i put a ear bud in my ear shit HURTED i almost SCREAMED. ahhhhh but she feels much better today and i can move her. GO JORDI!

Friday, May 1, 2009

...i've made up my mind

i'm allergic to new clothes second hand or i'm naked.. as long as i'm rocking phattt pair of docs with a cruel but sweee face. i'm listening to my scratched ass bum ass boozed ass gnarles barkley cd "going on" juust turned it off because it wass ill and is in desperate need of some vaccines. now its the radio and shinedwn song is on after i'm seriously sick of it. i felt so unpretty this week now i'm better just not prepared for the heat.

the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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