Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Keeping it gangsta in 2009: the pretties & uglies of 2008

WARNING: very long post

BEST OF 2008:

Kate Nash live at the recher theatre i had a blast she is absolutely amazing too i really would like to meet her and make her my bestfriend

doc martens..i can't help it i'm just in love with the suckas



my platinum "in yo face nigga wuh" hoochie[ing] bff,sister,babylove my never let a argument,guy,money, house, people,friends,drugs,alchohol...lol come between us JATIA ily forever.

www.karrieb.blogspot.com she is bomb bomb diggity and she'll have you feinding for the next post and she is super cute and she has docs and she has a nose ring and she once had me obssessed with the word skank and i actually made a song about that word and it goes like "i'm a skank don't stank 'cause i'm a hoochie mama" =) and most of all she has a special soul and it's really not hard to notice.

SANTOGOLD put lots of flava in my ears

Barack Obama

a motherflippin' unpredictible summer

thrift stores. salvation armies, and consignment shops all across the nation..discounts amd free stuff too

My Beans (nephew)

credit report.com commercials especially the one that goes like
f-r-e-e that spells free credit report dot com baby!


strictly GNARLS BARKLEY it took this year and my cousin to make me a cd of both albums to see how brillant they are i had a slight idea but it should have been stronger. thanx Damon

WORST OF 2008:

being dumped cold turkey without any notification

GCH going on tour with T-pain and lil wayne fucking sell-outs hoes and bitches (sorry)

My stalking abilities hacking emails and myspaces WTF??? i'm the super phyco ex-girlfriend..well basically how weird i've become

falling almost madly in love with soujia boy recent album..its really dumb but i noticed how cute he is i still like the "swag on" song though

Katy Perry fooling my ass into buying "one of the boys" because i liked HOT & COLD

lil wayne..geez (i'm sorry if your a fan but he is brainwashing you watch your back)

those rihanna hair cuts..ok they are absolutley adorable on her but invent your own rules girls do yo own thang

travis mccoy cutting his hair and dating katy perry..my heart

the baddest bitches..come on now

perez hilton making more guap than most hard-working people by sitting on his computer all day getting arthiritis talking shit about celebs..

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: i don't like these things

but i'll try not to spend so much money on food...pshhh..thats my dirty little secret
get all the peircings i want
learn how to sew
save money
have a party in august
lose 20 pounds get a lover
...go on massive dates
expand my vocabulary
learn how to play the guitar
do karaoke nights and open mics
meet kate nash
dance for money
sing for money
sell brownies and lots of candy
sell my rings on esty
have natural hair
see ok go in march at the recher theatre
make cupcakes
put on a happy face =)

Monday, December 29, 2008


amy is so pretty..watch this

i tryed my best! =)

my ring from fred flare and cute nails

Sunday, December 28, 2008

hi,..i'm yaya

today was funny and weird and bitchy and angry today was a lot of stuff but horror but sad and super ugly today was good weather today i realized i don't post blogs to get massive comments and attention but because it benefits me in several ways today church made me mad because everyone gets all heiferish when vistors come..i don't like church much but today i hated it today i wore a purple pencil skirt, cute shirt, black tights, pink bow, and hot pink boots. today i listened to "save room" by john legend lots of times
tommorow will be brighter than sunshine and i'm gonna be all over the city first university parkway, then canton, then fells point..tommorow will be spunktified and amazing..cheaaaa!.

today and tommorow i'll miss days like these not because i loved my healthy much longer hair and i was 30 pounds ligther but because i didn't know him i didn't know he exist and if he didn't exist. now i'll be feeling sweeeet with damaged recently bleached short hair and huge legs.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


i'm currently listening to Gnarls Barkley and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah i won't be getting shit but a Merry little Christmas to you is a brownie in the oven..well well since thanks giving catered morth carlina food was shitty i can't wait to feast tomorrow i've been waiting for tomorrow for a very long time i'll tell everyone how good the lasaugna and baked macoroni & CHEES(Y) was i most likely won't have a internet connection tomorrow soooo shalallllaaaa..cause its the most wonderful time of the year.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008


this weekend i was balling out of control i had $300 bucks to buy christmas gift..i did a half good job..out of the three of my brothers i only brought one a gift because i ran outta money now i'm bummed and their bummed..well i brought Tristan a souja boy cd and an aeropostale jacket..he is pump..and my two little brothers showed me how to do the bird walk that soujia boy thing now i think i'm a southern pimp....=) my brain is swollen because i just got long twist and those africans burned my face...i want to do some karoke and singing loud


spaz if you want to


the docs came in the mail..yayyyy only a week later



i have a gangsta ass room

my morning face


the bomb squad

i love cupcakes

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