Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Santogold LOVE

If i could just get my booty on a stage..and perform in front of lots or littles of artsy people who i DON'T know i'll be so complete...find me a stage, a gig, a similar soul. Santogold yep this blog is all about her she is awesome. When people ask me why i'm such a Santogold junkie i always reply she is a black girl. i am no racist i'm just so proud of her she is wonderful and she destroys the typical perception of black people only making hip-hop and r&b. She also said trying to write pop songs is depressing and i agree and it ruins the soul and makes it feel really washed out...her creativity is just a blast to i wanna make a song about a grocery list and smells like "SEX and CANDY"! i really like "i'm a lady" too and i wish she had more performances on you tube of it! i <3>


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